Committee Meeting Minutes Feb 2021

Posted by Andy Darnley on 3 March 2021

Minutes of the Meeting of Cannock Community Hockey Club(CCHC)


Wednesday 3rd February, 2021


Present: J. Chappell; T. Craig; J. Hitchens; S. Martin; I. Macpherson; D. Michael; H. Pigott; D. Pugh; 

R. Sheldon:

Apologies: L. Alcock; J. Hibbs; R. Moscatiello; V. Wilkes:


Because of the COVID-19 crisis, with thanks to DP and HP, thiswas held by Zoom video link.


1. Minutes of the meeting on 10th December 

These were accepted.


2. Matters Arising

All will be covered in this meeting.


3. Financial Update

DM gave a summary of the current position

Joint Account:

• £440 corporate tax bill mitigated. All transactions for last 18 months reviewed and amended tax position where appropriate.

• Sport club membership fees are exempt from Corporation Tax

• DM to provide all transactions at year end to allow internal review with TC and HP, and then for audit for FCA attestation. 

• Closing Balance £1,900. 

• No known joint liabilities 

Men’s account:

• Current balance £29k

• No known liabilities

This is a lot better position than we could have reasonably expected post our exit from Chase Park.

It was indicated that £4000 was available for development opportunities including walking hockey, flyers hockey and back to hockey. 


4. Future Planning and Direction

Given the current situation with COVID-19 and restrictions we need to try to plan our way forward for the short and long term. The Midlands Men have cancelled the remainder of their seasonwhile the Ladies still await to see if matches are possible before the 16th May. We need a plan to put before members and on line available for any enquiries. We had a discussion on the possible way forward. The following is a summary of the many points raised in the ensuing discussion: -

• Funding: What sources are available to see the Club through the Lockdown. The Equalities Fund was mentioned.

• Membership Activity: We will need a programme to encourage members back to active participation andencourage new members. As JH said, we need to demonstrate what we are offering and ‘be on our game'

It is expected that most will only be too keen to restart and play again but with no immediate possibility of competitive sport and possible limitations if a Tier system continues after the lockdown. It is also likely that holiday plans will be limited. As a result, we will need, for the Summer and running into next season, a programme to facilitate club activity. These could include

a) A published training timetable/pitch availability.

b) Arranged Club games - these could be 7 or 11 a side.

c) Explore the establishment of a Men’s local league with the local clubs. The Ladies already have their league.Some areas are already planning such leagues. JC will check with other local clubs.



d) As soon as possible the re-establishment of the Junior programme and a local league for matches for them. This is an opportunity to attract more youngsters who have been very restricted in physical activity. Do we need or have material that we can circulate to local schools?

e) Hockey Heroes. This has to be organised with coaches and ‘sidekicks’. Several names were nominated and these will be approached for confirmation at the next meeting. Safeguarding issues will need to be checked.

f) Could we have a ‘Walking Hockey’ competition?

g) The establishment of a local Mixed Hockey competition?

h) Greater use of social media to communicate developments, promote the activities available and recruitment. JC will confirm what Instagram and Twitter accounts are currently active.

i) The use of social media and players to make a series of skills videos that the Juniors can practice at home. ‘Silky skills’? JC to discuss with Stuart Gooderham.

Of course, many of these are dependent on the availability of EDA which will need confirmation. HP will update us


JH informed the meeting of some guidance and information received from Staffordshire Hockey Development Group. She suggested we might consider working with the Group on the way forward out of the Lockdown. This information will be e-mailed to all committee members


For the longer term: -

• We need to establish a base both for playing and club activities. IMac said that he had e-mailed Mr Watts to try to obtain a time scale and terms if we are to resettle at Chase Park. No response has yet been received. It was felt that we will need an answer if we are to continue with any plans to return there. He will continue with his efforts. LA will meet Jamie Fleet to discuss the possibility of the pitch cleaner returning to the site. However, in the meanwhile, we should explore alternative solutions. We can enquire from EDA whether we can get an agreement for a number of years. There is also a follow up to Monckton Sports Centre to be considered when we have a contact point. Other enquiriesare Burntwood Rugby Club and checking if there are any other possibilities within the South Staffs area.

• To start next season with a Club and Invitation Day.

• Membership: There was discussion on the membership subs. Some members have already paid a full season’s sub for the current season. Should we offer a discount for next year? Should we create other forms of membership such as for parents? We could also consider including reductions if members help with Club activities such as umpiring, coaching etc. To attract more members should we offer discounted rates? There should be a plan to help any Club members who may be in difficulties after the economic effects of the pandemic.

• Planning the financial implications of any decisions.


5. AOB

Club Mark: DP informed the meeting that this is ongoing. He will work through and tell us of any further information that is required.

Annual Dinner: SM proposed that it be delayed until September.Various locations were discussed and she will ascertain availability. There was also some discussion as to a different format. This will be important in re-establishing the Club’s social structure.

Club Kit: SM gave a summary of the current situation. Kit needs pushing for the Men’s and Juniors. It was felt that we could establish a centralised system for all kit.


Given that, by 22nd February, we shall have more information on the path forward after lockdown,


The next meeting to be held on Wednesday 3rd March at 7.30pm

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